Karen Withers

Mctimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapist

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Will Meredith

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

"After many years of back and muscle problems, due to lots of manual work and lifting in my job in the construction industry, I had tried various Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sport massages to only ever find short term 'fixes'. 

I was in varying degrees of back pain almost constantly both day and night which amounted to me losing sleep & even a days pay now and again when I was in too much pain to work. 

After having tried other alternatives for years without much lasting success, I admit I was as skeptical as ever, but Karen came highly recommended so I decided to book an appointment.  

The results that Karen achieved even after the first appointment were immediately noticeable.  Now after 4 appointments, apart from the normal muscle ache after a hard days work, I am pain free.  I feel stronger, fitter, happier and I have more energy.  The results surpass anything I could have hoped for.  

Thanks Karen