Karen Withers

Mctimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapist

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About Skeletal Therapy

Karen Withers

Based in Birtsmorton in Worcestershire, I provide a friendly service specially tailored to fit you, in a welcoming and professional environment.

As a qualified McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapist I specialise in the gentle and effective whole body therapy initially created by John McTimoney and later refined by Hugh Corley, Shelagh James-Hudson and Bobbie Nicholson, for the promotion of good health and general well-being.

McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapy is a method of restoring health by gentle corrective manipulation of the bones of the head, spinal column, pelvis and limbs, thereby ensuring the proper functioning of the nerves, cells, glands and tissue of the body. The treatment helps promote the natural self-healing capabilities of the body. Cells and organs can only function properly with the correct supply of nerve impulses.

McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists are trained to use their hands to assess and correct misalignments. This gentle therapy works together with the body. Bones are coaxed gently into place by subtle adjustments that encourage soft tissue release.

This treatment, when used regularly, can be a preventative method of therapy. The frequency of treatments needed will depend largely on your occupation and lifestyle. 

  Improve Movement   -   Reduce Stress   -   Increase Energy   -   Effective Pain Relief